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Day 6

Class and Cooking

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Last night was a struggle again with the cough…I think I might need to seek out some type of medicine today. School was at the same time this morning again. I walked there and we had class with Carmen again in the morning. We did grammar again this morning, this time practicing pretérito indefinido. This is a past tense form that I have seen before in Costa Rica so it served as a good review! During break time I went and bought a whole bunch of fresh apricots and ate them…so good! After break we had Leo (Ley-O- female) as our teacher. She is the girl who was our tour guide on Sunday! She is so cool! We learned cooking vocab with her all afternoon. BECAUSE… we had a cooking class this afternoon!

After class, I walked home, ate lunch and rested. The family left for something and I was sleeping (this sickness makes me just want to sleep all the time!) and the family dog realized I was still home and then she cried at my door until I let her in. :) Then she had me pet her, and if I stopped she would let out a tiny whine, ahhh sooo cute!
I got up with an alarm to go back to the school. We all met there and walked about 10 minutes to the kitchen we were going to cook in. We got into groups of three and all worked on different things. I was with Connie and Alannah and we made empanadas. (Different from the Mexican food—its more like a calzone). All of the food had meat in it so I didn’t get to eat it, but it was fun to make and the cook made me some vegetarian things at the end that were…okay lol.
After eating, we walked around town and ended up getting ice cream.
My cough started to get worse at this point again (nighttime) and so I went to a farmacia (pharmacy) and got some cough medicine and headed home. Once there, no one answer3ed the buzzer but I just saw Jimena and Rosa turn the corner so I followed in that direction, caught up and went to the store with them. Rosa noticed my cough while walking (I mean I’m sure she’s noticed it before, but she said something) and said she had a natural medicine made of silver that would work like an antibiotic (that her girls take it and have never had to take an antibiotic) and she offered to give me some. Haha…I mean nothing like a mom to take care of you right? So I tried it! It tasted like water (she said it would have a metallic taste, but I didn’t really taste much). We’ll see if it works.
For dinner I got to learn how to make tortillas (not Mexican tortillas, here tortillas are made from potatoes and egg). It was fun to learn and my host Dad messed it up and my host Mom fixed it and it was hilarious.
Dinner was delicious and Jimena offered to make me a phone case cover tomorrow! :) I was also given a new nickname “diplomatic Sarah”. My dad thinks I just try to make everyone happy… haha wow after only knowing me for one-week pretty spot on! LOL
Later on in the night I took cough tablets which didn’t do much for me honestly. My cough gets bad at night time. I hope I can sleep…

Highlight of the Day: Having my host mom try to take care of me! When you’re sick in another country alone, it is nice to have someone try to help you. And if this stuff works, I have to find out what it is!


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