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Day 5

School and Pottery

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I thought I might be dying this morning…yesterday evening into the night and into this morning I have had an awful cough that will not go away and is becoming painful…uggg sickness…. Anyway, this morning I had class at 9:30 again. Below is a view of the walk I take to school each day:
Today in class we learned about Préterio Perfecto. A form of past tense (that is not used in Mexico so it was new to me). In fact, there are many differences with the Spanish here compared to the Spanish in Mexico. One of the big things being that “tύ” is an accepted form whereas in Mexico and South America it is considered extremely rude to use that and you must instead use “usted”. Since I learned there first I keep using usted instead and my host family keeps saying “No no no, that’s so formal! Don’t use that!” The past tense concept we learned about in class was easy enough to learn, and given unlimited time and a piece of paper and pencil, I could get it right every time…however, trying to speak using it at a normal speed (even at a turtle speed) is not easy! Hopefully with practice it will get easier. After the break we learned about how to talk about where we had been and what we had eaten and just practiced talking a lot. Then we talked about accents phonetically. Class is never very hard, but I do feel like I am learning a lot which is great!
After class it was back home for comeda and rest time. After a delicious meal and short rest, it was off to the afternoon activity again. Today was a pottery making activity! We all met at the school and walked to the pottery place which was about a 20-minute walk. Once there we met the guy who helped us make our pottery (Mario). Mario had a very funny and outgoing personality. We all started by softening the clay by kneading it then we grabbed pieces and began to make the base of our pots by coiling pieces into a circle and then wrapping snake like pieces’ around the base and up to form a pot like structure. Then we all took turns on the “spinny wheely thing” (I know…don’t be too jealous of my vocabulary: P) and shaped our pots. This was the part where I struggled…haha and Mario made fun of me for the next two hours for it lol. Anyway, I made 2 things, a deformed…abstract piece of art (pot type thing if you squint) and a plate…thing…its flatish… Yeah, I shouldn’t go into pottery making as a profession! But, hey I had a really great time.
They will go into the oven this week, and then next week we will go back and paint them I believe.
After pottery we all walked closer to the school and stopped for tapas again. This time we took turns shopping while some of the others sat at the table and ate/drank lol. Shopping was fun! Then we went to a pizza place lol.
So much food! After I think they went to get pasties and ice cream, but I went home. At dinner tonight I had a thrilling conversation with my host parents about the medical system in Spain. Everything is free…from a little cold to a heart transplant…no medical insurance…everything (besides some dental work) is payed for by the government. Also, if you have good grades, medical school is totally free. If you don’t have good grades, it is 2000 euro per year. Like what!?!? Guess where I am moving??? JK…but it’s crazy and they said the system actually works really well. Also, lol yes all of that information and more was gathered through a conversation in Spanish! Whooo Sarah! You go girl!!! (Can you tell I’m proud of myself?) :D
Learning a lot and loving every second of it!

Highlight of the Day: Failing miserably at making pottery but having a blast while doing it! “Sarah! You just looked in my direction and my pot got ruined!” -everyone in the room. LOL…I was soooo bad but it was soooo fun! :)

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