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Day 4


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This morning I was up at 8:30 again. This looks like that’s time I’ll be getting up the rest of my time here which isn’t too bad if I can get myself out of the habit of going to bed at 3:00am or later lol. It is strange because it is light so late and we eat dinner so late that bed time just doesn’t seem normal until much later…?
Anyway, class starts at 9:30 each day. My teachers name is Carmen and I am in a class with 5 other people of about my level of Spanish. This morning we worked on verbs having to do with hobbies and habits. Then at 11:00 we get a break to go get a snack or coffee or just relax for 30 minutes. We then ALL went back into one classroom (there are 10 students in total at the moment) and worked together which was cool because we had someone more experienced to help us. We did an activity where we watched a silent film and then had to describe it with a story in Spanish. After that we had a lesson on accents…omg so complicated….but it started to make since by the end. It was a good morning, I felt like I learned a lot and it didn’t feel like it dragged at all!
We finished class at 1:30 and then I walked home and had lunch with my host family at about 2:45. (Both girls are done with school and home by then.) See below for a picture of where I am living:
The patio with flowers belongs to my family.
I then retired to my room for a siesta! (Why don’t I live here? They literally set aside time for adult naps! Lol) So…I napped for about an hour and then got up to do the afternoon activity. (Basically every afternoon we have an activity planned.) Today our activity was tennis! Yay!
We met at the school at 6:30 (everything starts late in this country). Then we walked to the tennis complex (like a 30-minute walk lol). Everyone is dying in the heat- and don’t get me wrong, its hot- but being from New Mexico I’m feeling great! Haha  We were all given rackets and then a tennis coach came and did drills with us and then we played Queen/King of the Court! It was so fun!!!
There are also two more girls that showed up for the week. Konnie and Alannah. Konnie is from Korea and Alanna is from Ireland. They are both young 19 and 17 respectively and very sweet girls. I talked to Alanna on the long walk to the courts which was fun since I had just come from Ireland! (AJ!!! She has a brother going to Harvard next year, you could have met him! What a small world!)
After tennis we had to walk the two new girls back to the school (as they do not yet know their way around town and their host moms were picking them up there) and then the rest of us walked all the way up the hill again to the plaza and had drinks and tapas.
"Uhhh...Sarah why weren't you in that picture?"
After sitting there for a while we all walked back home (lots of walking which is good since all the food here is so good!). I got home about 10:45 and dinner was almost ready! Perfect timing. We all ate dinner in the living room today and watched Spain’s presidential debate!
90_20160613_231024_HDR.jpg It was fun.
I already feel 10 times more comfortable with my abilities (to at least try) to speak Spanish. It’s like my fear of saying something wrong or getting stuck is going away! The previous knowledge I have is coming back with a vengeance haha! :) Most of the time I can recall the noun or verb I am looking for (very simple and only in present tense), but it is quite exhilarating! Already, after only being here for a few days I am feeling more comfortable with Spanish than I ever had. In class today, I could understand what the teacher was saying when teaching the lesson in Spanish! All of my previous knowledge is not lost in fact, I think it has had time to cement and I am so excited about being able to build on a solid foundation! Yay! I might actually make good progress in the next two weeks!
Also, look at cute Blanquita (the family dog)!
Highlight of the Day: Hmm….so many! Feeling comfortable in my confidence with speaking skills, making new friends, playing tennis (and dominating btw) :)! I’m not sure it counts if I pick that many…lol but hey! I make the rules here right?


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