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Today I was up by 8:30 before the rest of my host family. I had to get to the school by 9:30 for a day trip! It was my first time walking to the school on my own, and I made a few wrong turns, lol but I got there eventually! Once there I met up with the tour guide the bus driver and the rest of the group which consisted of Corry, Carl, Devan, and Tau (the North Carolina group). We all got on the van and after hearing a bit about what we would be doing for the day (in Spanish) we were off. The first place we stopped at was a little shack in the middle of nowhere…since the introduction was in Spanish I was thinking “What is this???”
Turns out that little shack was the entrance to a mine! A second tour guide showed up and led us down in to the mine (cave basically). When we walked in it was immediately cold and a bat flew at us (if that helps set the scene lol). It was awesome! It was I believe a quartz mine- the material used to be mined and used to make windows because it is transparent. As we walked through the mine the second guide talked in Spanish then out guide would translate to easier Spanish, then we would all give her sad confused looks and she would repeat it in English lol. Basically there were a lot of “myths” surrounding the mine. Such as: a beautiful girl wandered down there got lost and now her ghost lives there, or that a man discovered the cave because he had a dream that told him to start digging in this specific spot.
I really enjoyed it, but more-so enjoyed coming out of the cave into the warmth (haha they didn’t tell us to bring a jacket). After we were done there we got back into the van and drove to a monastery (Monasterio de Ucles). Before the monastery, we stopped at a bar (and when I say bar I mean café basically…it’s just what they are called). Some people got drinks and snacks (tapas) and our guide talked to us about the cathedral in Spanish. However, once we arrived at the monastery, we were all given phone type things that talked to us in English about everything! It was very interesting and the cathedral was incredibly beautiful! This building was a monastery, turned into a school, then hospital, then prison…so it has lots of history!
After our time at the monastery we went to lunch at a cute little place. We had a three course meal! (Well, I had 2 appetizers because they are not super vegetarian friendly in this country, but it was delicious and plenty of food!) In the restaurant there were two tables filled with old men playing some type of poker and it was hilarious!
When we finished lunch we headed another place for the main event.
On a side note, I think each of these places were about half an hour to an hour away from one another…but with being sick and traveling so much I am wiped out so basically as soon as the car started every time I feel asleep until we got to the next destination lol.
The main even was: Segobrga ciudad celtiberica y romana. Basically old roman ruins from when roman people came over to Spain a long time ago! We started off in a museum with old artifacts and then watched a video on the history. The video was in Spanish, but it was great because there were accompanying pictures so it made it easier to follow along! We then set off for the ruins. There was an old amphitheatre type thing, and a smaller version of the Colosseum, and a bathing area, and an old church. It was pretty amazing to see! Roman architecture always amazes me! Rome is by far my favorite place I have ever been so this kind of took me back which was great! To set the mood it was VERY warm outside today so walking the 15 minutes to the ruins and back was…great exercise…but the windows open in the moving car was pretty wonderful after. :)
Once we got back to the school (magically it seemed…sleep does that lol) we got out and walked back home. I was feeling pretty sick by this time (I can’t wait to get over this cold), so when I got home I jumped in the shower which helped a lot. The rest of the night I just relaxed! We ate dinner about 11pm again…so weird! But I got through a pretty good conversation tonight over dinner with the family which was very rewarding! Can’t wait for class tomorrow!

Highlight of the Day: Talking to the family over diner and being able to somewhat understand and respond to the conversation!

Also just assume some type of fruit for breakfast lol!

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