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Day 15/16 (Same Day...What?)

Travel HOME!

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Note: This Day was like weird I don’t even know how many hours it was because I went through so many different time changes…I’m going to call it 1 day but it will be written in parts so that I can remember it all!

I slept through the night for the first time in what feels like forever! It was relieving! I definitely felt that I needed to go to school today. I got up and got ready. I am still sick, but I can now say with certainty I am on my way to recovery (the antibiotic is working!). In class this morning Leo taught again and we literally talked about churros for the first hour lol. (Like vocab and practice all surrounding churros.) Then as a surprise we all walked to a churro shop and were given chocolate churros! Now…given that I could eat barley anything for the past few days I didn’t think this was such a good idea for me to eat. I did take 2 small bites though and it was delicious! (I felt the negative effects not long after, haha but worth it!) And I am certain Carl was not too put out have to finish the rest of mine. :)
After churros we walked back to the school and gave our presentations. Haha…so an hour and a half of stress and then boredom lol. I was not a fan of them making us do that project. I did not learn much at all from it and it felt like time could have been more productively spent. Oh well. After class I said goodbye to everyone.
Which was kind of sad, but also I am so excited to be coming home!!! I got back to the house, did last minute packing, tried to swallow a few bites of lunch and then poured my thanks out to my host mother! I could not have asked for anyone more wonderful than her! I got so lucky and will always be grateful for the love she showed me. Juano got home with two bottles of wine for me to take to my parents (awwww sooo cute!) But uh….Haha remember how full my suitcase already was? I fit them though…I really hope they don’t break in there! Juano and Jimena drove me to the bus station helped me load my luggage, and stayed with me until I got onto the bus. :) I’m going to really miss them!!! Once on the bus it was a two hour drive…I slept some but not much because I could not get comfortable. Once at the bus station in Madrid I went and got another one of my bubble drinks! It was delicious and very soothing on my throat (like the ice cream but without the cream that destroys my stomach.) I took that with me to the metro. I bought my metro ticket like a pro this time haha. I knew exactly what line to get off on and where to switch lines. It’s amazing how much knowing the language and having experience helps! Once at the airport I made my way to check my bag and then to the gate. I didn’t get to see much of the airport last time. This time I was in terminal 1 and just that was humongous!
I must have walked like 20 minutes to get to my gate. We were supposed to board our flight at 8:50, but didn’t until 9:30. And then once on the plane we didn’t leave until 11:00…Not good since I needed to make a shuttle to the hotel that I was already going to be close to making. I felt sinus pressure for sure, but it wasn’t excruciating so that was welcomed!

Continued: So after writing that the pain was not excruciating, we started to go down…and it quickly became very uncomfortable. My ears would not pop the pressure was painful and I could barely hear anything. Once the plane landed and I got off this did not change. Also, my flight at that point was more than an hour off schedule. I WAY missed the shuttle and at that point decided even trying to get to the hotel was silly. I’d only sleep for like 2 hours and then have to come back to the airport…so my parents helped me cancel the reservation and I just spent the night in the airport. Freshened up in this bathroom and sleep here for a bit.
I slept for about 30 minutes haha then decided to just forget that and get coffee. I had two bags to check and so I just went downstairs and got into the front of the United Line to be one of the first to check their bags. I sat there for about two hours on the floor until they finally started taking bags. To my fun surprise when I got to the counter I was told 2 bags checked would cost me $100! What? I had been told the whole time that you got 2 for free…uggg so consolidation time again… I stepped to the side and stuffed the two bags together. Then this grouchy guy came by and told me “Mam, you need to repack in the repacking zone, this is the check in zone.” (I was literally in nobody’s way…) We had a silent grouch stare battle and I won he let me stay where I was…lol what did he expect? For me to take 6 trips to get my luggage over to the other side of the terminal when it was already open? Haha at this point I was not in a good mood…felt sick, exhausted, waited in lines for hours…my grouch level trumped his lol. After battling with my suitcase to zip I went back to the counter and luckily it was still under weight. (I still hope the wine bottles don’t burst.) Then I went upstairs and began the trek to my gate. International travel is kinda like a really complicated obstacle course… I first went through regular security and then stopped at a shop where I got a decongestant! I took that immediate (and slowly over the next 4ish hours I started to regain hearing.) I didn’t however regain hearing before I went through customs so the poor customs officer would have to ask me the question like 5 times before I understood… But anyway made it through customs, then went through another security checkpoint (for US travel only I think?) and then I went through what they call pre arrival customs (which I think means I can skip that at my next stop which is good). That took a while but I was actually the first person from the whole plane to get to the gate. I guess that is what happens when you arrive 8 hours before your flight… As soon as they called my group number I jumped up and got on the plane. This plane is not as big as the last one I took the long trip on, however I have more leg room and choose a window seat so sleeping in infinitely easier!
My ears actually popped on the way up this time! :) The decongestant did work! On the plane there were many movie choices and they fed us lunch (which was uh…not my favorite lol). I rewatched Zootopia and the one pictured below.
I think I slept about 4ish hours on that plane. It was actually comfortable! I’m always going to try to get a window from now on! That flight was about 30 minutes delayed and I had a small connection time for my flight to Denver so I had to get up and run to my gate, but I made it! The flight from Newark to Denver was three hours and there was accessible wifi with movies.
My cell phone didn’t work though when I landed…and I lost wifi before I could tell anybody was taking off in Dublin, so sorry everybody who is probably mildly worried by now! There was nothing I could do!

My ears were all together better on the last flight (still painful but not excruciating). Once in Denver I had about 30 minutes to get to my next gate. I got there on time and smoothly got onto my last flight.
My ears didn’t even hurt for take-off or much for landing. Dad was waiting for me at the gate when I got off the plane because he flew into the airport today too.
When I went to collect my luggage it never came. Turned out one of my switchovers was too fast. It will be delivered tomorrow morning. Mom and AJ picked us up. I am so happy to be home with family and my own space. On the way home we stopped and at a delicious restaurant and then I came home and showered forever!
I had a wonderful experience and I would do it 1000 times over (but I am very happy to be home!)
Highlight of My Day: Getting home and seeing family!


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Day 14

School and Rest

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Today I woke up feeling a bit better. I still didn’t sleep through the night, however I did sleep more than I had the night before and I woke up to my alarm. I decided I was well enough to go to school in the morning, so I got up and got ready. (To be clear got ready meaning throwing on the comfiest clothes I had, brushing my teeth, and throwing my hair into a zero style ponytail. Lol!) The walk to school took me way longer than normal, haha I was still pretty sick, but I took my time and made it eventually. (Definitely no breakfast this morning uggg…it would not have stayed down.) At school we learned about future tense verbs which was actually relatively simple!
I just sat and listened basically which was not to overexerting. At the break I took a mini nap and then in the afternoon our group finished our presentation and practiced. I then made my slow trek back home. I actually stopped and got ice cream because my throat was on fire and I thought it would help. (Ice isn’t really a thing unless you’re at a fancy restaurant.) It did help for about the first three bites, it was amazing…and then it hit my stomach…I didn’t get to finish it :( ) Luckily there was a key for me this morning so I was able to let myself in and nap for a while before any of the family even got home. I woke up from that nap feeling a little better (as always as afternoon hits) and I really wanted to join in on the afternoon activity, but I talked myself out of it because it was bike riding and I NEEDED to get better before my long trip home. So I just stayed in bed all afternoon alternating between sleep and reading. It felt good to my exhausted body and I think I made the right choice not joining the group for a bike ride as they all texted and told me that it was pretty difficult. My host mom let me just rest in peace most of the day but every once and a while she would come in and check on me. She made me freshly squeezed orange juice again. In between resting I slowly packed up all of my stuff. (I really didn’t buy much…so I’m wondering if it is a physics law that your clothes always grow when you try to repack them…like what?
Urrrggg, I got it eventually—although my suitcase is dangerously full lol.) I attempted to eat both lunch and dinner (both were delicious) but I didn’t get much farther than just a few bites. I felt bad for not eating much, but it just wasn’t going to happen. The shower again was a glorious part of my day for my extremely sore muscles (but I feel bad staying in there too long—another good reason to get home soon!). Tonight I will hopefully sleep a lot and be better in the morning!

Highlight of my Day: A warm soothing shower! <3

(Haha…yeah yuck…don’t make me think about it!)

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Day 13

School/Sickness :(

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Waking up this morning I felt better and was hopeful that my sickness was getting better. I did not however wake up to my alarm because of my exhaustion from lack of sleep. I was ab9out 30 minutes late for class but I apologized and my teacher was very understanding. As the morning went on, I got worse and worse again. This time I decided it was necessary for me to go to the doctor because my ears had started hurting and for me that usually means I have an ear infection starting. In class th8is morning we relearned infinitive verbs which was nice because I didn’t have to concentrate very hard. In the afternoon we worked on the group projects again. I basically had my part done so I was able to go the office and deal with how I was going to get to a doctor. I called my international insurance and got all the details concerning how that works figured out. Then Bobby (an employee) told me he could take me to the pharmacy and that I didn’t need a prescription for an antibiotic. ??? So I let him do that. Once I got home I looked up what the medicine was and it was basically just a pain reliever and fever reducer…which I already had. Haha so I contacted Cristina again and told her I needed to go to an actual doctor. She said to ask my host mom to take me. I hate inconveniencing the family in any way and it was hard for me to ask, however my host mom was so kind! She said of course she would take me. After lunch we drove to a hospital and I got seen by a doctor who concluded that I did in fact need antibiotics (ear infection).
So he gave me a prescription and my host mom took me to a pharmacy to fill it. Once we got home my host mom told me to just rest and she took care of me all night! She even went out and got oranges to make freshly squeezed orange juice! I feel so lucky to have her here since my real family is so far away. I should have mentioned something about feeling sick earlier… Oh well, live and learn…
I didn’t go to the museum activity this afternoon and I instead just stayed in bed and tried to sleep. Sleeping is difficult with my fever and headache and body aches, etc.… but just resting and not doing the 45-minute hike was a good decision I think. I started my antibiotic today and hopefully it will start to take effect by the time I get onto the airplane on Friday.

Highlight of My Day: I feel so grateful for the kindness that my host mom has showed me today. She is absolutely wonderful.


  • Breakfast and Dinner didn’t happen (lunch probably shouldn’t have either…


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Day 12

School/Pottery/Family Outing

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So…last night I was tossing and turning all night with a raging fever (chills and sweats). My immune system must have been compromised and I picked up something else (feels very much so like the flu). I got up took some medicine to bring down the fever and continued my day…what else am I to do, I’m in Spain! I felt mildly better after taking the medicine and was able to make it through class. Leo taught us today and I felt so because we were all so tired we were very non-responsive.
I tried my hardest to ask questions (and she thanked me for it after) but it was so difficult to concentrate. On top of my fever I have body aches, sore throat, still my cough from before, and just extreme exhaustion. So…sounds like the flu to me…hopefully its 24 hour. In class we learned about how to give commands, and orders, and ask permission—all with the correct conjugation of a verb.
At the break I basically slept with my head on the table (as did lots of others who are not even sick).
As a side note, no body all day (except people back home) were aware I was sick. At 4:45 I walked back to the school (feeling the best I felt all day) and we did pottery again. This time we just perfected our pots from last time.
Leo and I were marked by Mario—the instructor (does that mean we are soul sisters? —or maybe just the easiest targets for flirting: P).
At 7:00 I headed home, by that time I was not feeling so hot (the medicine was definitely wearing off) and it took effort to walk home.
Once home, I kinda headed right back out. Maybe not the best decision, however my host family had been planning to take me out tonight for a while and Rosa’s brother had even made his bar make a special vegetarian tapa (snack) for me. So I didn’t feel like I could really bail. After we finished at the bar (where I drank water btw), the two girls talked their parents into going out for Japanese food. We drove to a restaurant across town. (See a very blurry picture of Juano and Jimena on his motorcycle)
The food was really good, really expensive, and there was so much of it…with the way I was feeling I could barely eat anything. I felt so bad. (And they are not into left overs in this family…)
By the time we got home (11:30pm) I was chilled to the bone and shivering. I immediately took more medicine and got in a warm shower—both of which helped. Now I am in bed…I wish, I wish, upon a star…that I am better by tomorrow.

Highlight of the Day: Watching my host dad pretend to be a walrus with chopsticks lol...such a dad move!


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Day 11


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Today I once again had to pull myself out of bed. Luckily someone texted me to wake me up because, I would have just slept through school probably. I think the combination of little rest, lots of activities, and being forever sick is catching up with me. My sickness seems to have gotten worse again today… ugggg I just have to make it through 4 more days then I can just die and sleep when I get home lol. Sorry family! At school today we did worksheets basically all morning (more practice conjugating past tense verbs).
Uggg…some verbs that are irregular in present tense are regular in past tense…I’m not giving up, but oh man the verbs are difficult! After the break (where I again consumed like 5 pounds of fruit :P ) we joined the other class and were told that we were to get into groups and work on a group project that will be presented on Friday….really I came to Spain for more group projects?! Haha, just kidding (kinda), I have Devon and Thao in my group so it won’t be that bad.

After school I walked home but had to wait like 30 minutes because no one was home. Rosa finally showed up and let me in. I basically just slept and read all afternoon…so tired, always. At 6:30 we met at the school and walked to the tennis courts again. This time we did relay race type things and more games.
I totally dominated again (even though I felt like I was going to pass out half of the time lol—Idk if it was the heat or what…but luckily it passed)! After tennis I was prepared this time. I brought a swim-suit with me and swam for an hour in a super nice indoor pool. It felt amazing to get some time to myself to finally just exercise… I miss that a lot! (haha I had to wear a swim cap...not so flattering lol)
After swimming I made my way home, showered, ate dinner and now I am sooo ready for bed. After talking to my family on the phone I feel grateful to have their support and I can’t wait to see them soon!

Highlight of the Day: Swimming!!! Oh! And the soup I had for lunch! Geeze, I got lucky to get a professional chief as a host mom! Family watch out! I’m bringing back lots of ideas, I’ll be cooking a lot!


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